Montessori Essentials: 6 to 12 Months

Montessori Essentials: 6 to 12 Months

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This set includes 5 essential Montessori materials for babies from 6 to 12 months.

Natural Rubber Sensory Ball (Orange)


An excellent material for teething and fine motor development.


Unlike other commercially available sensory balls, ours is made with 100% natural rubber and made without holes — therefore preventing molds that usually develop from moisture that gets trapped inside from washing, water play or when a baby drools.


Its unique shape is alsor designed to encourage grasping and crawling. A slight drop or movement is just enough get a baby excited to "chase" after it, but not so much movement to lose the baby's interest or make it impossible to catch. From 6 months and up.


Interlocking Discs


Works with either hand and allows for hand-to-hand transfer at 6 months.


The discs are unglued and are designed to come apart and fit together like a puzzle, allowing the child to practice fine motor skills.


Palmar Peg


As its name suggests, this material encourages an infant’s use of his/her whole palm for grasping. From 7 months and up.


Peg Doll in Cup


Typically introduced after progressing from the Palmar Peg, this Peg Doll in Cup invites a more precise but flexible fit through a 3-finger pincer grasp.


Pincer Peg


This is the most precise hand-working material to introduce to babies as it encourages an infant’s use of his/her thumb and index finger in order to place the block. From 12 months and up.