Treasures From Jennifer Animal Coins, Pegged

Treasures From Jennifer Animal Coins, Pegged

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This sweet set of 26 coins features adorable animals--one for each letter of the alphabet. Use on their own or with our Hundred Frame--Holes Only (works with pegged coins) or Coin Pockets (works with flat or pegged coins):

  • Place in alphabetical order
  • Sort consonants and vowels animals
  • Pair animal to the Alphabet Coin that is its beginning letter
  • Sort into animal classes--mammal, reptile, etc
  • Sort into land and water animals
  • Count syllables while saying each animal and sort by number of syllables
  • With two sets or one Animals Set and one Alphabet Set, play a matching game! Place coins upside down and take turns flipping two over at a time trying to match animal-animal or animal-beginning letter. This is a great way to learn to identify letters. You can do it with uppercase or lowercase.

Set comes with 26 wood coins. Each coin measures 1-inch diameter.